Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

Internet and Social Media play a vital role in all Communications and Interactions

  • Increase a Company’s exposure to its Consumers
  • Influence Consumers’ opinion about Products and Services.
  • Increase the power of word to mouth

ITML Solution:

  • Collect user reviews in online sources: e-marketplaces, Social Media, blogs
  • Process reviews in different languages and
  • statistically process the aggregated Consumer Insights through numerous filters
  • Use Consumer Insights to design Strategy (e.g. extract user requirements)

Use case

  • We collected public reviews for technology e-shops, containing 3000 negative reviews and 4000 positive reviews from scroutz
  • Scroutz: is an online search engine for products with user reviews for eshops and products
  • We extracted a set of nouns, adjectives and adverbs with sentiment (consumer insights)
  • We grouped user reviews by occurrence of these insights in a wordcloud
  • We extracted insights associations and visualized them


  1. Collect consumer reviews
  2. Keep only negative reviews, by perfoming Sentiment Analysis, if user rating is not available
  3. Convert words in each review to lemmas (example: "I loved customer service" is transformed to "Be love customer service". Also perform part-of-speech tagging.
  4. In the final step, keep only nouns,adjectives and adverbs with sentiment (consumer insights), and group user reviews by occurance of these insights
  5. Finnaly, transform consumer insights to strategies